Decades of research on applying behavior analysis to business and leadership practices has given us a number of tools proven to be effective at creating meaningful behavior change in education. However, organizational behavior management (OBM) is not a one-stop-shop, only to be accessed when something goes wrong. The most effective behavior analysts leverage their role to proactively assess, collaboratively plan, and coach classroom, school, and district leaders to avoid the issue in the first place. They are deliberate with their performance-improvement efforts. Systemic culture change in the classroom or school comes through sustainable initiatives grounded in the science of human behavior. The purpose of this talk is to discuss the behavior analyst as the coach in the context of education while offering tips for sustainable behavior and performance management systems.


  • The participant will be able to provide various ways coaching has been defined, demonstrated, and programmed and differentiate it from training.

  • The participant will be able to describe strategies for root cause analysis of performance issues through performance diagnostics.

  • The participant will be able to list ways to help ensure coaching initiatives are deliberate, effective and produce performance improvements that last.a potential student may have before purchase.

Let's talk behavior analysts as coaches in education!

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    • Deliberate Coaching

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