Brown, 2021


Like other professionals working with vulnerable populations, engagement in ethical practice is important for board-certified behavior analysts (BCBAs). This exploratory research examines the relationships among reported supervisory pressure to act unethically, burnout, and life and job attitudes among BCBAs working in schools and other settings. To do so, BCBAs (N = 106) completed a web-based survey with questions about supervisory pressure to act unethically and their responses to the pressure. Participants also completed measures of burnout, life satisfaction, job satisfaction, and intention to turnover. Of participants, 71 (77%) reported that they had experienced supervisory pressure to act unethically, most commonly in the form of a supervisor asking them not to recommend services because of associated costs. Participants reported using a variety of strategies to manage pressure to act unethically, including educating supervisors about behavior analysts’ ethical and legal responsibilities. BCBAs reported relatively low levels of burnout as well as positive job and life attitudes compared with other professionals. However, BCBAs who reported higher levels of burnout also reported more negative life and job attitudes. There were no significant differences in reported burnout, life satisfaction, job satisfaction, or intention to turnover among BCBAs working primarily in different settings. Implications for practice, which include seeking professional development in ethical conduct and engaging in individual and organizational strategies to mitigate consequences associated with burnout, are discussed. Reading the article and completing the 10 question quiz to 100%, participants will receive 1 Ethics CEU.

Let's talk job attitudes, burnout, and ethics!

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    Brown, 2021

    • Job Attitudes, Burnout, and Ethics Among Board-Certified Behavior Analysts

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Introducing Jacqueline, the driving force behind HiJack Behaviors. With a background in Applied Behavioral Analysis and a graduate certification in Industrial-Organizational Psychology, she brings a unique blend of expertise to the table. As a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), Jacqueline is deeply committed to the growth and development of practitioners in the behavioral health field. At HiJack Behaviors, she focuses on creating impactful continuing education courses, specializing in ethics, improvement, and professional growth. Her mission is to not only enhance the practice of behavioral health but also to empower individuals to reach their highest potential.

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